project (BAU)


Experimental design

This project embodies the ideas, challenges, and countless sleepless nights that shaped my entire semester. I used a transparent plastic tablecloth as the material, which holds significant meaning for me.
Throughout the semester, every project began on a table draped with this very plastic tablecloth, and to honor this starting point, I chose to create a new piece using the same material that accompanied me from the beginning.

I aimed to challenge the reader and foster a deeper connection with the piece by stepping outside the bounds of conventional comfort. In a world where everything is meticulously organized and easily accessible, this piece intentionally disrupts that norm. It offers a more raw and uncomfortable perspective, focusing on the tumultuous yet crucial work process that unfolded over the semester.

I printed all the layouts onto clear, digitally-cut vinyl pieces and affixed them to the plastic material. It was hard to avoid the air bubbles, but luckily there weren’t many, and you can’t see them in the pictures anyway︎!