Tierra yerma

project (BAU)


Magazine layout

Tierra Yerma means barren land. With this project, I wanted to talk about the actual problem regarding depopulation in Spain’s rural areas.
53% of the territory is occupied by only 5% of the population. This area is called the Mediterranean Laponia, due to the issue. People are unable to live in these towns anymore, leading to a rural exodus that began with the 2008 financial crisis.

I focused on the insufficient roads and communication systems between these towns and cities, which aggravate the problem. I embroidered a map showing disappearing roads and train rails, illustrating how efforts to find jobs and leisure are thwarted by a state focused on big cities and coastlines due to tourism. Additionally, I developed a series of posters with these maps, depicting various stages of the roads, each linked to poems alluding to the beauty of rural Spain.