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project (BAU)


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This project focuses on material experimentation using seaweed. I explored various biomaterials and discovered the incredible potential of seaweed in its multiple forms. This led me to create a unique piece entirely from seaweed. Scroll down to find out the recipe and learn more about the process!


(1) Gather Seaweed: Collect seaweed from the nearest river or beach.
(2) Clean the Seaweed: Thoroughly clean the seaweed to remove any debris.
(3) Boil with Baking Soda: Boil the cleaned seaweed with baking soda for 3 hours.  
(4) Blend: Strain the seaweed and blend it until it reaches a smooth consistency, similar to a green smoothie.
(5) Frame and Filter: Use a wooden frame with mesh to shape the seaweed and filter out excess water.
(6) Dry: Use a paper towel to absorb extra water, then let the seaweed dry in the sun.
Voilà! After some sun, you have a perfect seaweed paper square to write love letters, the shopping list or create an armor like this.