Sin identidad

University project (BAU)


Magazine layout

Something that always caught my attention is the generational role of people and how it changes depending on the country. How we evolve during the years, what we leave behind, and what we gain. I wanted to explore the distortion of identity throughout time.
I wanted to focus on women’s identity in my grandmother’s generation, due to the war they couldn’t really build their identity and instead they all had to take care of their families. When I thought about my grandmother, a series of objects came to my mind, but I asked what did I know about her personality. It was always the grandmother figure, who took care of me and my siblings, and who made food for us on the weekends. I wanted to create a space for her to speak up and remember what she likes, and what defines her.

I wrote the abecedary of words and objects that, beforehand, represented my grandma. On the other, I did a series of simple questions, to hear her speak a bit about herself. I recorded the conversation and transcribed her literal words. I collected then some pictures in chronological order and progressively alternated them to make her unrecognizable. Alternating these three ways, I’ve tried to explore my grandmother’s identity.