Aftermath, Caracol
and Deadpavo

project (BAU)
and personal project


Art Direction

This is a compilation of shots from various short films where I contributed as the Art Director. The first project, "Pink Aftermath", is a short film I created for university, drawing inspiration from director Wes Anderson.

The film features a whimsical aesthetic, with a strong emphasis on symmetry and bright colors, echoing the childish attitude of the characters. The story focuses on the visual appeal and the distinctive personalities of the characters, unfolding through a surrealistic narrative.

Next is "Deadpavo", a final degree project developed by a team of four film students. I had the opportunity to work with them as the Art Director, overseeing the visual and artistic aspects of the project.
A short film that portrays the experience of first adolescent love in the most realistic way possible. It captures the insecurities and excitement of this pivotal moment with pure and raw emotion.